PhoohitoysAbout UsRm 8E01, Int'l Trade & Exhibition Center Hall 10, No.128 Huizhan Rd, Ningbo, ChinaPhoohitoysAbout UsRm 8E01, Int'l Trade & Exhibition Center Hall 10, No.128 Huizhan Rd, Ningbo, ChinaPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohitoysPhoohi

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The story started in 2005. Reback, a 3 years old boy's mother, wanted to find some toys for her boy. The toys should be funny, friendly and safe. Meanwhile, he will enjoy a happy time, explore the unknown world, and then build good habits and thinking method with the toys.

Susan and Dana, the best friends of Reback, also helped to looking for the suitable toys, even made toys by themselves. They spent so many happy time with the boy and got very successful experience.

Why not share these excellent toys to other children? They thought. Later the three ladies established NINGBO SAILING, their own company, to spread their love.
Now NINGBO SAILING has been founded more than 15 years, and many aspirational people joined in. Such as Jim, who has more than 30 years experience in wooden toy field, is in charge of the sourcing and quality department. Louie, a senior designer, always designs lovely toys with his team.
Welcome to share our toys for children all over the world!

Company Name:
Rm 8E01, Int'l Trade & Exhibition Center Hall 10, No.128 Huizhan Rd, Ningbo, China.
Business Type:
Year Established:
Total Employees:
Export Percentage:
91% - 100%
Major markets and proportions:
North America 10% Eastern Europe 10% Oceania 10% Mid East 5% Western Europe 45% Northern Europe 10% Southern Europe 10%

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