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wooden number dinosaur puzzle
wooden number dinosaur puzzle
3D colorful jigsaw puzzle
wooden number dinosaur puzzle
3D colorful jigsaw puzzle

Dinosaur Puzzle

Model NO.
Minimum order quantity
1000 pieces
Supply Ability
50000 pieces / Month
Country of Origin
Quick Details
Model Number: PH07E003
Product Name: Dinosaur Puzzle
Size: 27.5*16.5*1.5cm
Age: 18m+
QTY: 10pcs

Product Description

Children's wooden 3D dinosaur puzzle toy - interactive learning and fun

Introducing our PHOOHI brand Children's Wooden 3D Dinosaur Puzzle Toy, designed to transport your little explorer into the prehistoric world. This interactive educational toy not only stimulates their imagination but also enhances their logical thinking abilities, providing hours of entertainment.
Key Features:
1、Captivating Design: Our 3D dinosaur puzzle boasts an engaging design that allows children to assemble their favorite dinosaurs piece by piece. Each puzzle piece is intricately carved and fits together perfectly, ensuring a rewarding and satisfying architectural experience.
2、Premium Quality Wood: Crafted from high-quality wood, this puzzle toy guarantees safety, durability, and environmental friendliness. Its smooth surface and rounded edges make it gentle on children's hands, providing a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.
3、Interactive Learning: Constructing 3D dinosaur puzzles improves problem-solving, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills in children. Additionally, this puzzle promotes cognitive development, spatial awareness, patience, and integrates them into the thrilling world of dinosaurs.
4、Realistic Dinosaur Models: Immerse your children in the world of these magnificent creatures, stimulating their interest in paleontology and natural history.
5、Educational Pleasure: This puzzle toy not only entertains but also educates. It encourages children to learn about different dinosaur species, their names, and unique features, enhancing their vocabulary and understanding of prehistory as they enjoy the fun.
6、Multifunctional Gameplay: Once the puzzle is completed, children can unleash their imagination, creating stories and embarking on exciting adventures with the assembled dinosaurs. This versatile dramatic play encourages creativity, storytelling, and imaginative thinking.
7、Ideal Gift: Our Children's Wooden 3D Dinosaur Puzzle Toy makes a perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, or any special occasion. It offers a great way to entertain children while promoting learning and development in a fun and engaging manner. The set includes two Wooden Number Dinosaur Puzzles and 3D Colorful Jigsaw Puzzles.


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